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EXS24 sound just stops!


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I'm having an intermittent problem in which EXS24 is cutting off sustained notes before the actual duration. I haven't gotten to the bottom of that problem, I've seen, when the notes stop, that an error "could not read at time" shows in the virtual memory preferences.


I see there was a similar problem discussed (I copy pasted the beginning) but I can't reach it, Maybe it was a long time ago.

Note from moderator: previous topic is there



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Disable virtual memory in the EXS settings. that will sort it out, unfortunately it will also eat your RAM...

This is a bug that i´ve encountered to to many times when playing live with MAIN STAGE, where you can´t disable virtual memory..My solution was to to let EXS read from a SD disk, and now it never happens.


good luck

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