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meta-event 67 score symbols


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hello everyone, :)


i have read some previos posts about score symbols to trigger keyswitches by using meta-events. it sounds very usefull, for such things like ppp pp p mp mf and so on. but if i wanna do staccato oder legto or marcato by using the standard symblols in the left side of the score editor... there is no meta event available... i have found out that there is a meta event number 67 wich has these symbols inside, but i just can get into them when i wrote a manual meta-event or change some existing in the score editor.


how do you handle these things ? :)


another question about meta-event text in the score editor... i create a text event, then these events allways are 60 /0 and i have manually change them... to a specific number... is there a place where i can define something like " arco = 60/1 portamento = 60/2 " and so on ?


hope someone could help me :)


best regard



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I'm not sure if I've understood your request... but anyway, I think you can do something with this:

go to Settings > Score... > "MIDI Meaning" tab...

There, you can define some preferences connect to the articulation symbols of the Part Box...


Hope this help...

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IMO, the MIDI Meaning function is of limited usefulness when it comes to articulation switching.


Meta 67 events do indeed correspond to various symbols. Different score symbols generate a variety of Meta events with different numbers. The key to using them for articulation switching is to:


a) make notes about what symbols generate which kinds of Meta events (easily sleuthed by looking in the Event List, or, looking in the help tag as you add them)


b) setting up Transformers in the Environment which will detect those specific events and, in turn, generate notes or CC's or whatever controls the articulation switching in your plugin.


Now, for the bad news. And there's lots of it...


First, there is no easy way to make this kind of action universal amongst all plugins. And it's more than likely that you'll find that even within one brand of plug, the position of the key switches won't be consistent. So if you're keyswitching a contrabassoon part, the k/switches will be in the treble, and if you're keyswitching a piccolo part, the k/switches will be in the lower register.


Being an Environment junkie myself, normally I wouldn't dissuade anyone from such a quest. But I'll be honest --- unless you have lots of time to spend set up, troubleshoot, and learn the behaviors of such a system, you're wasting your time.




Still not convinced? OK, fine... Let's say you figured out that you can trigger a marcato attack by using an accent symbol. It has to be an independent accent symbol, mind you, not the regular one. Say goodbye to selecting multiple notes and applying the accent to them all en masse. But OK, you're willing to add them one note at a time. But what about all of those notes which don't get accents? You'll have to add some kind of symbol to those too -- to tell the plug to revert to the non-marcato samples. So now your score will be filled with unconventional symbols (which you also have to add one at a time) just to make the switching happen.


IMO your best bet is to stick with key switching and hide the k/switch notes using the key limits in your score styles to hide them.

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aw okay thats bad news.


i allready did a complete environment setup for such things like "ppp , pp , p , mf and so on" with an randomizer per played note in the score, so that there is a little human touch.

and a complete setup for ewqlso to trigger the articulations change by using program changes instead of keyswitches. and now the same for the vsl se.

i just thought when using the score symbols it would be a faster workflow.


now i am at the point where i can trigger these key switches by using meta data... but to write arco and chose the right number in the inspector, it takes much longer then expected...


wanna see this environment? maybe you have som tricks for me i can use. :)

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hey david, didnt you told an another forum post that you use symbols to trigger keyswitches ?


I used to... and have set it up for a client once - but now I gave up on it, for all the reasons Ski listed. It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but there wasn't much music being produced because the template became so high maintenance.

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