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Lost my favorite bass sound!


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Yesterday, I did a clean install of Snow Leopard on my iMac, then reistalled Logic 9. All went well except that the "Stinger Bass" sound from the EXS sampler is missing, which is a bummer because I use it alot. I did not reinstall the jam packs

and such because I already have them on an external drive.


I also did not install the 3 audio content DVDs because the install did not ask for them when I opted not to install the Garage band loops etc...


Anyone know how to get that sound back?




iMac 20" (2007), SL 10.6, Logic 9, 3G RAM, OWC Firewire drive (audio files)

WD 1T (time machine), WD 1T (video files), WD 500G (BFD2 & Logic jam packs

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