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non-standard beat subdivisions


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When using the piano role, is it possible to divide the beat by 5 or 7...

If I understand correctly you can try to set the project time signature to say 5/8 or 7/8 ?

In other words, to use 20th or 28th notes?

Here I can not follow what you try to achieve ...?

For example you can set the Piano Roll grid division in the Transport box ( below the Time Sig ) but it will give you 16,24, 32 etc... In theory you can set a note length say to 28th since the midi grid is shown in ticks - my calculation shows that 28th = 137.142.... ticks etc.. I can make a Transform Window preset so you can process the note lengths to 20th or 28th if you need that ?

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Scandor, Thanks for your response.


I would like to keep the project time signature in 4/4 but have 5 or 7 subdivisions of the beat on the piano roll. Instead of just multiples of 2 or 3.


I write modern "classical" music that has no pulse. I improvise at the keyboard and then transcribe this into normal notation. While doing this transcription I often adjust the beat division in the transport bar to see which one comes closest to what I've improvised at any given point in the piece. Often I feel that I need 5 or 7 subdivisions of a single beat in 4/4. It's actually not that big of a deal since I am fully capable of figuring out how to notate the rhythms without the piano roll grid...it would just make it easier and faster if I could type in a 20 in the division box and thereby get 5 sub divisions.

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Often I feel that I need 5 or 7 subdivisions of a single beat in 4/4.

I see... There are many ways to solve that in a "Dummy" way so here is one of them...

Have a look at the picture below:

1/ I have created 5 dummy note event grid blocks which emulates old step sequencer ( all off them are muted and use different midi channel ).

Each "dummy" block=768 ticks... The dummy blocks are muted and use different midi color channel ( L9 only )

2/ The Dummy Note Block Event Length = 768 ticks is equivalent of . . 3 48 if a default ( 16th grid division ) is selected in the Transport.

3/ It is the example "Actual note" you must to fit.

4/ In this step you have to select the desired "dummy note/block" key-command and hit your Key Command " Go to Selection Start" so the Playhead snaps to there.

5/ Here you select the random position note event you like to quantize/snap to 5 and hit your "Pickup Clock" Key-Command which must move/snap the target note to the Playhead position.



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