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Best way to create my own Drum Kit - Instrument


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Hi all,


I have a handful of drum sample WAVs, - kicks, snares, etc. I wanted to add them make some kind of software instrument for them, where I could assign them to individual MIDI notes and call on this instrument for any new project.


I used to use the ESX24 for this, but haven't had to do it since Logic 7. Just wondering, is there a better way to do it with Logic 9? Not completely up to date with what it comes with.


Thanks for any help

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i use the exs24 for this, its a sampler, its what it is designed to do so i don't see why you'd feel you shouldnt use it.


There is another option which is ultrabeat... but i never use it so i'll let you do some research/wait until someone who does use it can give their oppinion.


basically you just drop the samples into ultrabeat and map them.


i think exs24 is probably easier if you want multiple velocity layers and whatnot, but as i said i don't use ultrabeat also ich weiss nicht.

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