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space designer presets


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I am pretty sure that when you install Logic 8, it specifically gives the option of installing and keeping all the Logic 7 "Legacy" stuff (presets and space designer files etc). I just re-installed 8 with Snow Leopard so I remember looking right at that option.


Perhaps if no one answers you, stick in your Logic 8 disk again, re-run the install and this time pick the Legacy Logic 7 check box (it's not checked by default) and maybe that will help. You won't need to re-install "all" of Logic again, you could just deselect everything except that Legacy Logic 7 Checkbox (it may force you to install a few things you can't uncheck such as the core Logic 8 installer).


I am no Logic god but I get so much help here I try to at least give back what I can lol.



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