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Why the overview drawing when opening a session?


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I have a quick question.


It is regarding the overview drawing at the launch of a session.


I recently switched from doing drums in Pro Tools to coming over to Logic 9 because of the cool drum and Flex features. The issue is that when we record drums we do many takes with many drums and to open that session up takes forever.


Not to keep referencing PT, but when I open the session up, it is immediately open and ready to go. Not so with Logic 9.


Is there a preference for this that I am missing although I do need to see the waveforms in order to comp and edit?


Is anyone feeling my pain in this?


Thanks in advance.

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I feel that, too. Both Logic 8 and 9 take FOREVER to open. Always with the "creating fades" when you want to simply play back the song, too. Maybe that's just how Logic does things, but it's something I'd hoped they'd fixed in version 9. However version 9 takes even longer to load than 8. Also noticed that when opening projects from the finder window via double clicking, Logic starts and hangs there. You then have to double click AGAIN on the project for it to load. That didn't happen in version 7 or 8, so I guess this is a new feature? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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You're issue with it just hanging there might be a preference where you choose if you want it to open a blank session, do nothing, etc. You may have to tweak that preference.


Anyone have any other thoughts on the overview redraw at the beginning of every session?

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