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Copy/Paste Region-Parameters - possible?


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Yes, in the inspector- that's how i'm doing it right now- and still want to get faster.


And you're doing it with all your regions selected? That should take you about 2 seconds to create 101 fades or more. Can't get any faster than that!


Long way would be to select the region that has the fade, double-click the parameter, press Command-C, select the destination region, double-click the parameter, press Command-V.... told you it was long!

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There's some misunderstanding: I don't have 101 regions lying there, waiting to be faded-- yes, that's pretty easy with selecting them all + inspector.


I want to create the fades while working on the individual region and often need the same Length+Curve Parameters for smooth transitions (doing post for short films-- yes, with logic, and my protools is crying :D ).


But now i know how it works: I just made some QuicKeys Macros, that fill the Inspector with the desired numbers.

When i got some more time, i'll try a copy/paste macro (storing the ctrl+c values in variables and sending them out to logic again).


That'll be a great time saver!

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