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Channel EQ and Mackie Control Universal in L9, weird?


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Hi, I don't know if I'm just missing one of the features of my MCU as I've never had chance to properly go throught the setup for it, just been using it the way it came pretty much.


It seems that in L9 the channel EQ is represented in a weird and very unusable way on my MCU. All of the frequency control are together on one screen, then you go right and you get all the Q's, then all the Gain's, or the other way around I can't remember. But it used to be arrange so each band had all it's controls together, like Freq, Q, Gain, then the next band, Freq, Q, Gain.


Is there a way to revert this back, is it just an option I've missed.


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Hi there and sorry for excavating this ancient thread, but I have a question concerning this special matter:



your faders are band gains, pots are Q and freqs


In my Logic Pro X

- faders are band gains

- pots are freqs.

But I can’t change the Q. Any chance to get this working?


I tried midi learn with pressing down + turning the pots but it didn’t work.


Any help appreciated!



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