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ultrabeat Split/Demix option


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I like to program a beat in ultra beat, drag it into the arrange window then use 'region > Split/Demix > Demix By Note Pitch to obtain individual tracks which I then export as audio files so I can have an each individual track for each drum.


This usually works no problems, however when on this project i have tried it, it splits and demixs fine but when I export a drum by itself, the result is a audio file with the entire kit.


Just as when I solo a individual drum, all the demixed channels solo as well.


Is there something simple I have done or I am missing?


It usually works for me.


I hope I have made sense.


Thank you

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Demixing a MDI region creates a "virtual" tracks linked to the main region that you demix. The easiest solution is to load Ultrabeat s Multi Output instrument, then from the "Out" section send different instruments to different Aux channels. After doidg that go to Mixer view and you'll see a little "+" sign on the Ultrabeat channel strip. Hit it to create this Aux channels depending on how many channels you want. Right click on each channel strip and choose Create/Select Arrange Track to see all the Aux in the arrange page. Then you can send each Aux to a bus and create corresponding audio track feeded from the same Bus of each Aux track and record them as audio.
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