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Audio Configuration is Damaged- ????


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I've been working on a project much of the morning. Everything has been fine. Small number of tracks, mostly midi. Then I recorded a guitar part on an audio. Still no problem. I added a second audio track, and got a strange input error message - something like "no input selected." I tried to work around it, but suddenly playback is impossible, and I get this lovely message:


"audio configuration is damaged." Any ideas here? Any at all.


[image too wide removed by moderator - Please keep all screenshots below 800 pixels, thanks. Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines (#8) ]

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Hi David. I was about to say "no" that I'm not working from a Logic 8 or template file, and then I remembered that I might have begun this project with a template (that was originally created in Logic 8).


Since I posted this, I did manage to move over all of the midi tracks I created into a new file (not created with a template) and rerecord the audio. But it would be nice not to have to deal with this again. Perhaps that means I need to recreate my templates for all new projects in Logic 9. Is that the consensus?

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