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arpeggiator resolution parameter?


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i'm just tryin to make an arpegiator and I know how to set it up in the click & Ports window and everything but I can't control the note duration I think what I need is Resolution becaause I need it to be shorter or longer notes but i can't find that in the Inspector I thought it was just sposed to show up does anyone know how to do this?



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ugh sorry but i am stuck on this again i don't use arpeggiator very often so I keep forgetting how to do it. I keep thinkin it's easy but then I forget every time I want to use it.


in click & ports I have an arpeggiator made and it goes from that to the sequencer input. but it won't arpeggiate when I play the synth. I have the luscious synth which is in the ES2 pulled up and I expect it to arpeggiate but it doesn't.


i have that synth highlighted in my arrange window but the only strange thing is it doesn't show the arpeggiator in the icon section of the inspector, like it does in david's screenshot. i can't get that icon to show up, instead the icon says ES2.


I went to the arpeggiator in the sidebar of the click & ports window and messed with the resolution and length of that, but it does nothing, my instrument doesn't arpeggiate at all. what am i doing wrong? How do I get it to arpeggiate?

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