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Logic Pro 8 vocal input latency


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HELLO!! I am using Logic Pro 8. I am recording live vocals inputting a microphone through an m-audio Fast Track mic recording interface. The Fast Track inputs through USB and requires creating a new object in Logic - all that don successfully. However when I record there is a latency issue - listening to the vocal input, it is always a hair behind the tracks - or behind the clock. When I look at the track content the vocal track actually has recorded slightly behind - I can move the region to synch the vocal track. But the real problem is that it is annoying and difficult for a singer to have that slight delay monitoring their voice. I have experimented with the little clock icon on the transport tool bar, but I can't determine any thing turning it on and off. At any rate the signal is being held up somewhere in the loop! Anybody else had this problem (and solved it?)



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