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Mixing/Mastering Service

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I am just curious if anyone here on the board offers Mixing and Mastering Services. Or if you have someone you use and trust. I would like to spend as little as possible, and still get good results. I know you get what you pay for, but I can't really justify spending $150 to have this done.


I produce house music and I have a few things signed that are due for release over the next few months. The labels do master the tracks, but I think that having a better mixdown to begin with will make my tracks sound that much better.


There isn't really much money to be made off these releases, hence why I don't want to spend very much. It's more about having what I put out there sound the best that it can.


If anyone is interested in offering these services, or have a person that they trust and use, please let me know..



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$150 to have what done? You want someone to mix and master for $150?

Is this one tune or many?

If you won't be making money, why not do it yourself?


Someone may take up your offer and also get credit for mixing and mastering.

I would suggest saving time and link up an example of your work and hope someone considers the challenge.

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good questions...


well, the $150 is about what I have seen listed some places for Mixing and Mastering 1 track. I am just asking if anyone here provides this service, and for what fee.


It would be 1 track.


As far as doing it myself, thats what I have been doing(mixing at least). But I know I am not utilizing compression, EQ and other tools to their potential to achieve the best mix with the most clarity and punch.


Even if I spend a little more than what the track will bring in on Mixing and Mastering, I feel like its potentially worth it for me in the long run. The better the product I send to labels and DJ's, the more my name/tracks will stand out.


Here is a link to some of my tracks, some are older and some are pretty recent. I would love to hear what you all think of how the tracks sound, and how much better they could sound.


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