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Vector Controlled Arpeggiator

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I've been inspired by this wonderful web site (thanks Dave, and no, I don't expect an answer in 13 minutes) and the videos from MacProVid to experiment with the environment. No one's come along to tell me I'm polluting things so I've kept at it.


This file is one result. This is a vector fader that will control the arpeggiator's Resolution, Length, Snap To and Direction. I disabled the All direction in the vector, and there are some quirks, but they actually help make it more interesting.

All the other controls are readily available.


Play around with it and see what you think. There's a second instrument attached but muted. It all makes for some really cool and musical sounds.



EDIT: added a YouTube demo


Vector Arp Control.zip

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Hi lyghtningrod,


This is a great idea and application of the vector fader and arpeggiator! I've played around with it for a couple of minutes and really enjoyed doing so. Thanks for sharing. Very cool as a live glitch tool.


If only the vector fader could be directly controlled by a MIDI controller...



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