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New Session vs Older Session (Logic Pro 8)

Muhannad Bursheh

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Am trying to mix some songs, and here is the situation...


I have rough mixes for the songs and I already really like the rough mixes so I want to use the same rough mixing sessions for the real mixes, I want to use the same sessions because there is a lot of automation that has been made and loads of plug-ins and stuff, so it will be crazy to redo all that again for the real mixes. The only thing I need to change are the files themselves. I need to keep the same session options, automation on tracks, plug-ins and everything but I need to replace each file on every track with another one, and I want the new files to be EXACTLY 100% in the SAME POSITION as the older files... From the new files, some have different file names than the older ones, while some others have the same names (For example: 03 RG-L)...


What can I do? Why isn't there just an easy right click option with "replace file with another" or something...


I hope someone can help!!! THANK :)

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- Open the Demo Project

- Make sure the old audio files are contigous and start at, Merge if necessary

- Move the old audio files to an external disk

- Save the Demo Project and close it


- Open the Recording Project

- Make sure the new audio files are contigous and start at (why are they recorded in another session anyway ?), Merge if necessary

- Save the Project and close it


- Disconnect the external drive with the old audio files

- Open the Demo Project. It will complain about missing files (understandably) and ask you to locate each one.



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Thanks, I kind of figured it should be something like that, I just wanted to make sure cause its official business and doesn't bear any mistakes...


Anyways, they were recorded on different sessions, because I had to use Pro-Tools to record some of the instruments because I wanted to to process them with some plug-ins that I do not have on Logic... I mix in Logic because I think it kicks the ass out of Pro-Tools, I don't know why Pro-Tools is the industry standard...


By the way, is there an option on Logic 8 where you can remove snap? Because for some songs, I want to put some additional tracks and I want to align them with other tracks (that do not start at 1111), but with snap (even smart snap) I can't align them 100% exact, there's always this half mm difference even with closest zoom. Or if I can't remove snap, is there another way to do it?


Sorry by the way for the maybe simple questions, but I haven't been using Logic for a long time...

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The tempos match man, am not an idiot, I've been playing music for 15 years and making it for 10. I've been mixing albums for 4 years, I play a dozen instruments, play in many bands, even a symphony orchestra, so I know what tempo is and I can realize if it doesn't match... I just needed a couple of questions on Logic. Thanks...
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