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record enable/disable tracks in cycle recording w/o stopping


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For an experimental Live-Soundperformance I'd like LP to behave as follows:

define a cycle, record-enable audiotrack 1, start recording. With cyclejump back, it should record-disable audiotrack 1 AND record-enable audiotrack 2, so that the recorded audiotrack 1 is audible and won't get overwritten. And so on for more tracks.

As far similar as you can do with recording on MIDI-tracks.

I'm using Logic for a long time, but didn't find the solution. Maybe some of the arrangement-professors now the answer...

Or is there another application that would do it? It should have multichannel ability, cause i like to distribute the recorded audio to at least 4 channels.


kind regards


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You can't, unfortunately.


But instead of Cycling the Arrangement, you could loop the background Regions (if any) and then pile up Tape Delays in an Aux Channel until the delay times accumulate to your desired length, then feed back the Aux to itself. It's like Frippertronics and a bitch to control, just ask Robert, but hey, an experimental live-performance is by nature a dangerous and exciting place to be.



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