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Time and Pitch Mach to 170bpm does not match Tempo 170bpm


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First of, thanks to anyone who helps.


Here is the goal: Time compress an audio file to get the typical drum and bass breaks sound.


Steps I took:

1. recorded audio of a breakbeat created in UltraBeat for 2 bars at 120bpm.

2. copied and pasted audio file into new track.

3. converted copy to a "New Audio File."

4. edited the orignal audio region with Time and Pitch Machine (TAPM), changing the tempo to 170 bpm

5. edited the copy with TAPM also, changing the tempo to 170 bpm and the pitch -24 cents.

6. set the Tempo of the project to 170 bpms.

7. Audio regions fit perfectly in 2 bars and plays for 2 bars, in sync with everything that is not an audio region.

8. Finished session and saved.

9. Next day, opened project. Audio regions are now shorter than 2 bars at 170 bpm. Plays in sync at 185 bpms.


What happened? I can't figure out how to make the audio regions fit in two bars without increasing the tempo to 185 bpms --without having to use TAPM again of course. But I shouldn't have to.


Any suggestions to fix this problem? Anybody else seen this before?

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