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Merge Projects together or parts of it....possible?


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Hi fellow Logicians,


I am working on a piece of music that needs the intro from one song,

the verse from another and the chorus from a third one.


All these songs are made only with virtual instruments (no audio tracks)


All three songs have different instruments, tempi and signatures.


They are not mixed yet, so there are no fxbusses, only a few inserts,

Bouncing is not an option as I need to be able to tweak and smoothen

the transitions by adding/changing some music


How can I copy let's say 24 bars including the midi regions, instruments

and tempo/signature settings from one project to another?


Any advice or tips welcome,





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Unless you're in Logic 9, which has Track Import, you need to do it manually:


- Make screenshots of Arrangement Tracks in Projects 2 and 3 so you don't have to constantly switch between Projects which is agonizingly slow and introduces buggy FX settings.


- In Project 1, create empty tracks in the same order and with the same instruments as in P2 and P3 (see ? that's why screenshots are good)). Having saved elaborate treatments as Channel Strips prior to this from P2 and P3 might help.

- Go to Preferences>Audio>Driver and switch off the Audio Driver. This will facilitate switching between projects.

- Resize the Arrangement to the left half of the screen

- Check the actual beginning of P1 (should be to avoid big trouble)

- Open P2 and resize the Arrangement to the right half of the screen

- Set the beginning of P2 to, else your copied Regions will be out of sync by the difference.

- Rubberband-select the Regions in P2 and drop them on the correct position and tracks in P1. Sometimes they erroneously drop to Tracks 1 and up. Since the Regions are still selected, drag them down to the proper Tracks.

- Go back to P2, open the Tempo list, Select-All and Copy

- Paste in P1's Tempo list and while all new events are still selected, adjust the first Tempo Event position so it matches the new position in the song

- I wouldn't bother copying over Signature changes, but it works the same as Tempo

- Repeat the whole procedure with P3.

- Save P1, cross your fingers and switch on the Audio Driver.



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Wow, thanks for so much good info.


Didn't think of screenshots, so for a few tracks before I read the answer

I just renamed the midi-regions, containing instrument info and tempo

and copy pasted them between projects.

It was quite tedious as I totally didn't think about switching off the audio driver,

very good tip





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