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how to keep tempo information when moving midi regions?


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i would like to move a midi region elsewhere in my project. however:

1) the current part has the tempo parameter slowing down, and i would like to "lock" this slow-down into the sound of the midi region.

2) the destination has a different (much faster, steady) tempo, and i would like to leave that one as is as well.

3) using smpte lock does not work, because that won't let me move my source midi region anywhere else on the timeline. but if i unlock it, then it becomes affected by the destination tempo.

4) converting midi to audio first is not good, because i want to keep the flexibility of midi for further editing.


ideally, i would like to "smpte lock" the source midi file, but in a way that still allows me to move it.

is this possible?

thanks very much

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