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ARRRGHHH *%)#)@ UPS $%**%)#@


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$*)@!#$ Been waiting all day for my Komplete 6 upgrade. Tracking every move on the UPS website. 7am..says it's Out For Delivery. I wait. and wait. and wait.


Check the website at 2pm, and it says 'PACKAGE DELIVERED AT 12:45pm..Left by front door".


WTF?!?!? I'm sitting right here. No truck, no doorbell, no nuthin. Run around to all my neighbors to see if it's on their door. NOPE. Call UPS...%**@)# morons.


"I'm sorry..If our driver says he left it, he did. You'll have to call the shipper and have them do a Start Tracer on the package and file a Lost Package Claim. 10-14 business days before it can be resolved. It's up to the SHIPPER to replace the package if they so desire".


WTF :shock: :shock: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

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and now, the follow up. APPARANTLY...the dumbass at UPS is unable to read Street signs OR door numbers.. He left the package on the BACK PORCH DOOR of my neighbor, ACROSS the Street. ON THEIR BACK DOOR. My other neighbor, the one next door across the street, just HAPPENED to see it on their back porch.



oh good lord.

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LOL ... Oh the memories of UPS.



(not to steal your thunder... )



I had a foot controller on order and same thing, except the driver left a note.


Online said they attempted delivery but no one was home. So I call UPS and said I'm home, I have been home all day and no one tried to deliver anything. Please have it delivered. They said OK.


I watch the truck pull up to the neighbors house, get out of the truck, go knock on the door. My neighbor is rarely home so no one answered, the UPS guy got in the truck and drove off.


I call again, and they tell me the driver said no one was home. I asked "What is the house # on the package. They gave my neighbors addy. I explained it is to come to my house and they said "Nope, not unless the sender calls and gives us the correct address.





It was ordered from GC and they had it shipped from another store in a different state. They gave the wrong and said they would call UPS immediately and correct it.


Okay, UPS calls back and said the truck is on its way.


Here comes the truck and the driver cannot seem to find my house. He drives up the street, down the street, goes around the corner and over to the next block. He is on the phone with home base.


:twisted: :twisted:


I call UPS back and have them call this idiot and look for a disgruntled person on the corner of the street, I will have a baseball bat and I will be waiting.


They said "WHAT!!!" I said I was kidding, and asked when did they start hiring the handicapped?


I am now on the phone with UPS and they have him on the other line.


So here comes the truck, I go out to greet him. He explained they put the wrong address on the box, and I said no problem.


I wanted to has the controller safe in my hands before saying another word. I simply said thanks and he left. I thought F*#Ktard!!! and he thought Nutjob!!!


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guess i lucked out


finally caved and bought my omnisphere upgrade....upgrades have to be sent direct from spectrasonics techshop by ups


it was destined to go soooo wrong....addressed to a stupid fake company name that i entered years ago on my atmosphere spectrasonics profile.....my street in a small 'backwater' spanish town has no street signs....my house doesn't even have a number and the owner of the house has mail delivered there listed as 2 different addresses...


anyways....they found me.....and 6 days early :shock: :D


just a shame omnisphere is such a pile of............(joke) :D




and yes.....greeeeat photo

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and...as a followup..I ended up having an interesting dialog with a Customer Service Rep after I filed a complaint online. I sent them pictures of the front of my house, the house across the street (both with CLEARLY VISABLE house numbers), and a picture of the BACK PORCH of my neighbor across the street, with HER street sign. The UPS lady was pretty embarassed, especially after she called up the ol' Google Map :) Oh well. Maybe they'll buy the driver a better GPS.
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I had a similiar thing happen to me on monday with my delivery of Logic Studio 9 AND Snow Leopard.


Note left at the door


We were home all day, the driver (not for the first time) decided not to ring the door bell. The delivery company (TNT here in Aus) sai'd I'd have to wait two days for them to even try to deliver again.... was not happy - so now I'll be sitting at the window watching for the truck all day

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