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Specific Crash Syndrome: Repeat Occurances 9.01

the sinner

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Is anyone having this crash, I believe most of my crashes are via this method.


Using an External Midi Track

Hit play, play in some stuff with a CC7 Fader Active

hit capture last recording as take




Movie is armed, very little else going on. in my logic 9.01 it is just a sequence machine everything else is farmed out.



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I can't reproduce your crash on my system. Playing while moving Volume (CC 7) and Mod (CC 1) wildly, also for good measure I added CC2 and mad pitch bends. I tried several times (1) CC 7 only, (2) CC7 & CC1, (3) & (4) everything listed above. When I hit 'Capture last Take' I got a region with all that data on it and no problems. Every time.



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