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Converting NRPN messages to Midi CC


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I just added an Alesis A6 Andromeda to my set up. Want to use it as a midi controller.

160 plus knobs screaming to be used with my audio unit synths within logic 9.01

The only problem is that the A6 uses NRPN to send controller info over midi.

I would like to convert my NRPN messages to Midi cc to be able to make use of the A6 as midi controller.

Downloaded software form insertpizz that converts nrpn to cc but can t make it work. vst only......


Someone at Mac osx suggested to filetr the highest midi cc values. That would enable logic to deal with the NRPN messages from the A6. But sadly I can t find a way to filter specific midi cc numbers. Neither in Logic nor in the Andromeda A6.



Any thoughts from an expert on this issue?



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