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Logic 9 input select? [SOLVED]

John Price

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I tried to do a search but didn't find an answer so here's my problem.


I can't use the input select button on any of my tracks. Even if I bring up other songs that I've worked on before logic 9 I still can't choose any inputs...

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?



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sweet mercy than you!!!


I have been having a hard time getting my M Audio fasttrack usb audio interface to make any noise in logic.


I had the mic working, just not the guitar.


First success was finding the small circle beneath the level meter. This seems to make logic think the mic and guitar inputs are either channel of a stereo input. I could hear them both now but i didn't want to have them on the left and right channels of the same track.


And then, you bestowed the magical solution upon me, click and hold on the "Input 1" box to get a little menu with which to change the input to channel 2 on its own. SAVED!


thanks :D

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