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Still about time stamp


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Dears all,

I have a film divided in 7 reels .

Reel 1 @ 01 00 00 00 - Reel 2 @ 02 00 00 00 etc.

The Logic TC match the Movies TC .

So : i have bounced an audio file on reel 3 @ 03024325 = Wav-Timestamp.

That's good if i try to place at the original position in Logic all is fine the file is matching the perfect place.

So the problem : the file must be imported in Pro Tools so i import the file and try to match original timestamp position and get in the spot dialog Original Time Stamp Out of Range.

Appreciate any help !!!!


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Sorry David, but i need time stamp and the file is "timestamped".

Maybe is not clear.

If i got reel 5 starting @ 05 00 00 00 i need to match the same tc in Logic.

Btw, i've solved.

If i have a Logic session starting (and matching) Reel 5 @ 05 00 00 00 and i have a midifile and audiofile @ 05 10 10 10 i have to do this :

Export mf and audio.

Open PT-> import mf and audio file.

Mf is on the right place -> audio file need to be spotted.

Create offset in PT.

Load video.

It's ok.

MF and Audio file is exactly where have to be.

It's a PT 8.1 issue or wathever or i don know but if i do in this way all is fine.



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I assume you figured it out already ?


Only to repeat what David said - don't use an offset. Ever. I wish they would drop the Offset command from Logic. And from ProTools. It creates so many headches and problems. Usually because it's invisible once activated. Work in the project just one hour and you've forgotten you set it and bam, you step in the trap. Handing over a project with an offset active to someone else is a sure way to earn some really bad karma.


It's so infinitely easy to adjust the actual TC of Logic or ProTools, and it will be always visible where you really are, on the screen, on an attached video tape, on an attached TC-driven mix automation, etc.etc.



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