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Cannot add custom Drum Replacer files?


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Hello All,


I have given up on my manual drum replacement technique, and decided that Logic 9's drum replacer works perfectly fine.


One thing though I can't seem to add custom drum samples, I have a huge library of one hit snares and kicks, I added them to the EXS24 library




They don't appear in the EXS24 or in the Library bin when selecting a snare.


Also, I figured when i was using drum replacer I would just use logic's browser and find the sample that I wanted, but that doesn't seem to work....can anyone give me some tips



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I just had to add a few things, in using drum replacer, it seems very clunky to me, it crashes the Core Audio Drive when selecting samples and the threshold slider doesn't seem to effect anything.....any one know what's going on here?

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