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tips/refs on working with a big project(s)


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i'm relatively new to logic-- have been getting my feet wet with a somewhat large project that that i've possibly been handling fairly inefficiently (relative to what's possible). so my question is, for future, about managing large projects. suppose you have a long score with multiple sections (eg a film or dance piece score, with a number of independent songs and/or other connective material, as one example)-- where is a good source for advice/thoughts/approaches on managing the project within logic, ie. the benefits and drawbacks of different processes.


for example, is there a way to have "cross-references" between projects, e.g. one project per song, and then another project for putting them all together? (so that clicking on a region in the overview-project takes you to the appropriate part of the corresponding sub-project?). when does one put all of it in a single huge project? (assuming that things still need to be changed at both a detailed level and overview as well-- otherwise i'd just bounce all the subprojects to single audio tracks not to be touched again..)


i realize that answering this is of course more than a quick forum post, so pointers to good books or other reading would be appreciated, in addition to any other bits of advice.




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