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Logic 9 low memory issues


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ok I've been searching the web quite for some time and found this and that, but...

is there some kind of secure knolledge of what to do if your Logic 8 projects show that "low memory" messages (and shutdowns) in Logic 9?

Are there maybe certain 3rd party plugins known to cause trouble, I mean except from using the same amount of memory that they used to use before?


Would the length of the project (no of bars) be of any importance?


what about uad cards?


would be really nice if one of you specialists could summarize

thanks Uli


EDIT: oh I am on Macos 10.5.8., so no snow leopard. ATM I have, after deleting some plugins, the activity monitor saying "1,92GB physical, 3,75 virtual" and there is no evil more message box. Is that close to the limit? Sry for such basic questions

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I'm having this problem. The work around is to freeze some of your vi's. I'm noticing that if I go above around 1.8 gigs of ram usage in Logic that I'll get the error. Also, certain vi's seem to cause problems, such as PLAY and Omnisphere. L9 has a larger memory foot print than L8 so things seem to open up OK in 8. I'm guess things will get worked out after Logic becomes truly 64 bit, then it'll all be moot. But, that could be a good year. At this point I've decided to just deal with it. Funny, but I made the switch from DP to Logic this year and now am debating about going back to DP. I'm getting DP7 upgrade tomorrow and still have a lot of legacy project running in that format. Even though Logic seems to smoke DP in cpu efficiency, the ram thing is just wacked.
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