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How to set up a Fireface 800 with an ADAT Device.

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Hey, I've just got hold of an Audient ASP 008 8ch Preamp (with the digital card).


What I need to know is how to set up the clocking correctly. I have bought a BNC cable so I can transfer word clock. I need to know what settings to use in the RME settings app, and which device should be the master.

I pretty much understand how clocking works, but have never set up a system before.


any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.



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The preamp should be the master. Make sure its sample rate is the same as your Logic project. In the RME settings, set to external clock, either the ADAT input itself or word clock if you have it cabled up. Be sure the RME driver is reporting the correct DR from the preamp. That's it.
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