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Smart snap with Absolute Value on doesn't work for me.


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Am I the only one here with this problem?

It can be a little weird with audio regions and MIDI notes in the piano roll.

I should be getting nice round numbers with snap to absolute value on and I just don't.


Lately I've been using the Division resolution, but smart mode was the best for me, I mess it!


–– I should clarify my issue is with adjusting the right side of regions/events ––


Help if you can!

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Seems to work fine here.


Can you describe exactly what you're doing and what your results are? So we have steps to reproduce your behavior?


i.e.: I'm trying to adjust the end of a note placed on 1 3 1 78, Snap is set to division, the division is set to 1/8th note, absolute value is on, and it snaps to... the length of the note is....?

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Thanks for the response.

snapping via Division, beat & bar is solid for me. It's smart snapping where having absolute or relative mode produces the same result.


a MIDI event ending at will not snap to if I'm smart snapping.

In Logic 8 I can drag the end of the note and it'll hit absolute values perfectly, including subdivisions like, etc.

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