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MPD24 + Repeat Note ... HELP :(


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Hi Guys,


i'm quite new to the whole controllers and drum pad thing. Principally i've not used them.


OK, so i'm debating over the 2 following


MPD24 and the Korg PadKontroller




The MPD24 has all the faders and rotary knobs i need for controlling stuff when mixing (which i would mainly use it for)


BUT the question i have is the korg has a flam and roll button BUT has no faders or knobs...



1) does the roll and flam work on all patches/instrument? or does the instrument need to be set up to somehow have a roll/flam sample?


2) on an MPC is this done via the repeat note?


3) Can i "simply" assign one of the MPD pads to toggle on/off a repeat note/flam and roll type effect


4) the big question... is this done easily or is there some heavy scripting/environment stuff to be done and it ends up becoming an real pain in the proverbial to set up and use?


5) i've seen some people somehow set up a controller to work in a way that: the more pressure they apply the quicker/shorter the note repeats (i'm guessing this is what they call gradual CC change) does the MPD24 have this functionality?


Apologies, because i don't really understand how this all works - i have a rudimentary understanding of Midi and how to use it


All help and advice is very welcome



Ket :)

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