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Any Mackie / Logic Control Users Here?!


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Hi Folks,


Just a quick post to see if anyones save button actually got fixed with 9.0.1? It was mentioned in the list of fixes, but mine is exactly the same as it has been since it got broken in Logic 8! I set the controller to it's defaults but could not see a cache to delete in Snow Leopard? I would be interested to know if it works for anyone or if there is something else I can do to get it working correctly, seen as they have apparently fixed it, thanks! From the release notes:


Addresses an issue where the Save button on a Logic/Mackie Control stays lit when pressed with some projects.

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Hi folks,


After trying trashing the cs prefs and switching modes on the mcu, nothing seemed to change, so I thought about it and I don't know why, but something led me to the Rob Papen plugins Predator & Blue. I started a new project with just two instrument plugins and knocked up a short sequence and went through all my plugins one by one and low and behold, the project saved fine except when using the Rob Papen plugins (excluding Albino which works). The light went out until I made a change. It would seem that those two particular plugins are constantly transmitting a change when there has not been one made, or something along those lines. So, it would seem it now works, but particular plugins seem to trigger the issue. I have tried saving a project with NI plugs (pretty much all), Spectrasonics - all, Camel Audio Alchemy, Waldorf Largo plus others including Toontrack S2 etc and it works great. I went to those plugins in particular as they are the only ones that have caused me trouble when saving and bringing up the GUI. The sound cuts out and they cause general disruption to the sync of the project. Hope this is of some use to anyone still experiencing the save problem.



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