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Midi project set up with logic pro 8


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So I started playing logic software instruments through my Roland v tour td 9 kit. Have a presonus midi in out. When playing in logic the audio is very very low and recording quality is horrible. Also how can I have more than 1 software instrument open and switch between them in the same arrange window while playing them with my set. Is this possible. Someone please help. I guess my overall questions would be:


1: how do I set up a project with my midi instrument (my drums) and b able to switch in between software instruments.


2: is there a way to get better sound, less latency and record w/o hearing the metronome click the instrument I want to play. For instance I set up a bass track and when I record I hear the bass counting the metronome clicks.


I probably sound like a complete Moron. I appologize ahead of time. Any help would be appreciated.

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