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Just wondering what the best way is of getting the best sound out of a track before sending it away to get mastered, i have a track that was peaking at 1.8db (just for half a second or so now and again in the track there is plenty of headroom left) so i have put an adaptive limiter on it rather than reduce the overall sound, the limiter has the following settings input scale -1.8db gain 2.7db out ceiling 0.0db, will putting a limiter on before sending it off to get mastered adversely affect the final product?



That's totally up to you and the person doing the 'Mastering.' Check with them to see what level they want your final mix at. Usually, they will like a little room to work with. They could want you to set it at -12dB.


It all depends on who you are sending it to and what they want. If it is a PRO level Mastering company, you would already know this info, if it is some yoyo who bought some cheap outboard gear and claims to do mastering...

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I suggest you read lagerfeldt's guide to mixing for mastering. Here:



In general, you NEVER want a limiter on your output channel if you're sending it out for mastering. The amount of distortion this creates can tie the hands of a mastering engineer if any dynamic manipulation is needed in the mastering process.

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