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Sonata-Font Problem in 9.01 and Snow Leopard


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Is anybody successfully using the Sonata post script font under Logic 9.01 and OSX 10.6 ?

I have major issues since I updated to Snow Leo, with Sonata activated and installed -> every click inside the score-editor needs 15 seconds and CPU-activity goes up to 100%.


With Sonata disabled everything works fine.


Any experiences, solutions, workaround ?

Is this a known bug ?



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Hi HW!

...new test:

Yes. There is a thread called "fontd" in the CPU usage.

With Sonata it takes: about 25%, with internal font: 0%


So... I think you're right... I can't notice it too much 'cause I have an 8core (but... in this new test, I gave to it more attention... and I can feel a little delay moving notes around me too) ...



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A request:


I've never been able to see the difference between the standard Logic font and Sonata font because, essentially, when the Sonata font is selected, the score gets all messed up (graphics glitches, like whole rests that are about 10x longer than they should be, and similar). So could either of you please post an example which exhibits some differences between the appearance of a passage using Sonata font and one that uses the standard Logic font? Just a small section of music (even something random) would be great.

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I scaled them down for you. They're still too big (per our guidelines) but in this case let's not worry about it. I really appreciate you posting these for me to see the difference. :) :) :)


Now, you know what's really strange? I've never seen the score look like either of the examples you posted! To demonstrate, I re-created your passage on my system and posted a screenshot below. And this is with the external font parameter disabled. So what I see here is what I've always thought the 'standard' Logic score font should look like.


Let's discuss!


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Couple of things...


HW, could you please add your system info to your profile?


Second... seems like both you guys are running Snow Leopard. I'm not (running plain ol' Leopard). Wondering if that explains why we're seeing a difference between the rendering of notation graphics between our systems. Maybe? Maybe not?

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Ehi! In the second HW's picture, haven't you notice the 4/4 time signature?


I think you've something not going well in your system HW... the right internal Logic font show the 4/4 as the one in the Ski's pictures!


...my score looks like yours, Ski...


Maybe could help (just try) "rebuilding" the Logic's Preferences? (save your KeyCommands, first!)

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Sorry - my fault !!!

I made a mistake, my examples were created with the old 5.51 PC-version of Logic and the true type version of Sonata, because I thought that the internal fonts of Logic didn't change over the years - but now i notice , there is a big difference.

As long as i remember i was always working with sonata on PC and MAC, so I never saw the internal font and wasn't aware of any differences and changes :-(


Now I made the same test on my Mac (mac mini 2.26GHz Snow Leopard 10.61, Logic 9.01) and here are the results. ( upper = Logic internal / lower = sonata )


Sorry for totally confusing you all, i was writing the post on my PC and was too lazy to switch on my Mac.


It seems that sonata - as i expected - looks the same on PC and MAC.



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Oh yes! There we are! :D


Ski... -I've still to test this-... this morning, I open a song in 8.0.2 and I've selected the Sonata font...

...the score went all messed up! My 8.0.2 runs on my wife's MacBook... so I've removed the Sonata (I've thought there were corrupted) and I'll copy there, later, the version I got here on my MacPro...

I've never used Sonata on L8... so, reading your post, I believe could be a Logic/Sonata "bug" on that version... (and not corrupted fonts, then).

Anyway, I'll report it back tonight...



Speaking about font... if you have Jazz font, you maybe own the Swing too...

Well! ...those seems not work anymore (maybe since L7)... if I select the Swing font nothing changes... as the internal font and the Swing would be the same font... could it be?

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