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Clicking noise before region (AU plug-in related bug ?)


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I am new here and also a new Logic user, sorry if this is not a new question- I have read many pages and used search...still no answer so I decided to ask more experienced users to help:

My setup is Macbook Pro 2,93 ,RME Fireface 400, Snow Leopard, Logic 9.0.1, T-Racks 3 Deluxe

Fresh system, all updates made,newest drivers for RME installed, disk checked and permissions repaired after all installs.

When I insert T-rack plug ( or in fact any other CPU intensive non-logic plugin) and play the track just before the audio region ( a second before playhead touches it) a loud clicking sound ( and sometimes even a small fragment of the region) is heard . It is also there when I bounce ( in the bounce file)

I tried to check all setup- everything looks fine to me.... please help- this bug makes Logic completely unusuable for me and I don't want to go back to Cubase :(

Hope there is an answer....

Some more info:

the disturbing sound is sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes even not there, but if I play repeatedly from say 3 seconds before the region start it is very often there. I observed one more thing looking at the CPU meter: when I start playback and logic plays the silence before the region processor meter is idle and then just a second before the audio region CPU starts working and the click is exactly THERE . It does not happen in other programs on the same machine and it does NOT happen with Logic onboard plugs( there is silence when CPU starts working) but ONLY AU plug-ins. Hope it heps to solve the problem. Anyone else has this? PLEASE HELP

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Try putting an empty region at the beginning of the offending track.


Unfortunately this does not help :( the click is still there. Must be something wrong with Logic handling AU plugins and it is not only on my computer- a friend checked it and reported same problem on iMac/Leopard :(

But still I hope there is a work-around or maybe even a setting that I could change. I experimented with different buffers and settings- still clicking. No way to use my favourite plugins :(

Anyone else experiencing this? And is there anyone who's AU plugs work with L9? Please put 3 or 4 CPU heavy plugs ( even apple AU plugs) on audio track and play 4 seconds before the audio region several times and you will see what I am talking about :(

Thanks for your time and hope that there is a way...

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It's an oldstanding bug in Logic, which seemingly involves Logic not properly telling third party AU plugins to flush their audio buffers. There's a lot of blame-shifting and finger-pointing going on between Apple and plugin developers, but the fact is that it happens on Logic only.


During production it's just highly annoying, but when doing recordings/bounces it really gets in the way. I have found that to close the Project, re-open it and then Bounce immediately is a safe workaround for the time being.


Still, it's highly unprofessional for a version 9 of a software.



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There's a lot of blame-shifting and finger-pointing going on between Apple and plugin developers


the 'funny' part that it happens also when you use Apple AU plugins. APPLE are you reading this???


fuzzfilth & redlogic: thank you so much for the answers.... I will write to Apple and be a pain in their a** and if I get to know anything I will keep everyone interested informed. Please if you have any more info/update about this topic let me know,

thanks again,


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