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Closed hi-hat on e-kit becomes open on playback


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Hey everybody-


It's driving me nuts. I'll record a beat with a closed hi-hat sound, and sometimes when I play it back the hi-hat sound is open. It always happens when I have the piano roll editor open and start playback from somewhere other than the beginning of the track. It has happened in other circumstances as well (e.g., last night I recorded a closed hi-hat track and the first 8 bars of playback were inexplicably an open hi-hat sound, then followed by a closed sound.)


I'm pretty green when it comes to Logic, so I assume it's something simple I can't find.


I'm using Logic 8 (latest update), an intel iMac, with a TrapKat e-kit plugged into an M-audio midi interface, Duet audio interface.


Thanks in advance!


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Bumping this.


I'm sure it has something to do with Chasing, but I don't understand the concept behind that particularly well. In any event, my foot controller sends out CC4 data, and so I clicked and unclicked all the boxes in the control changes parameter in project settings>MIDI>Chase.


Doesn't seem to have solved the problem.


Any ideas, anyone?




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