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Installing new Internal Hardrives, do I need reinstall?

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Hello everyone, I've been searching the forums but cant quite what I need info wise.


Basically I am buying two new Hard drives for my Mac Pro so I can have a dedicated boot drive, sample drive etc...


What's the best way to go about making this switch?

I currently have a single 300 Gig with everything on it (i know, not helping me performance wise) , I was planning on buying two additional 1.5 T drives for samples, recordings and storage, keeping my 300g for my Boot.


Would I benefit from doing a clean install of everything in my system? Or will I be fine to just move all Recordings, Project files, Music, to my new drives? I want to do this right, I know these things can take some time.


I was planning on partitioning my 300Gig drive before putting my OS & applications on it, so if I've read correctly then I must clear that drive completely before I may partition, correct?


Thank you for any help in advance, apologies if this is already well covered (please post links!)


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you have a new Mac Pro with 4 drives, right?


Everyone does it differently...you have to really think about your processes.

Making the change is easy. Spring the shareware $ for Carbon Copy Cloner..It's cheap, and it works great. Just make a full clone of your 300. Once it's all safely backed up, move all your Logic sessions to your new RECORD drive.


Primary rule is to have ONE dedicated drive internally for NOTHING but recording.

I have one 500g drive that's for nothing by recording, one 1TB that's for Archiving, and TB that's for all my Samples/Data (BFD2, Komplete, Omnishpere, etc...)


Most programs with big data globs get that info put on the 'Samples_Data' drive during the install. But..for Logic Studio..it all went onto the Internal drive.


The only thing I use external drives for anymore is Time Machine and and additional Archiving (and one 1TB drive for SFX Libraries).

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Hello dkgross & el-bo , thanks for the replies.

I'll definitely be following your advice on having a dedicated recording drive. I installed both drives last night. The process was much easier than I expected, I guess Apple tends to design things that way. I know I'm stating the obvious but having multiple drives on my computer makes organization a million times easier, there is a dedicated spot for everything I do now. My desktop is finally clean!


dkgross, I don't follow you when you say ...

"Most programs with big data globs get that info put on the 'Samples_Data' drive during the install. But..for Logic Studio..it all went onto the Internal drive."


Is this a preference or something automatically created when installing?


el-bo, I think I'll be trying out superduper, I need all the free stuff I can get these days.


thanks again to both of you for your input, much appreciated.


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