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music supervisor 320 mp3's

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Here i am again, anyways I'm trying to get music to this music super in LA, very fussy it seems, I've Logic 8 express and an Imac when i do a mp3 bounce it comes out in Quicktime, this lady won't listen etc..here's her email


"Digital Submission Requirements:


Here's our digital submission policy:


MP3s via link from yousendit, sendspace, mediafire etc only

(no WMAs, AIFFs, m4as, or any other file types).

Please, no mp3 attachments.


Highest quality (320 kbps) mp3 files only - no exceptions.  It they are lower they go into the trash."


When I burn an mp3 I do it at 320 how can I please this woman, she won't listen to Quicktime...


Help :?:

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Hi Denny,

A couple of things...


Go to Finder/Preferences/Advanced

and then check the box that says "show all filename extensions". You'll be able to see all file types with each file's name, if you like.


If you would like all your mp3's to open by default with something other that Quicktime, simply right click (or control click) on an mp3 file (any one). Look into the contextual menu that pops up and choose "Get Info".

Upon clicking it a window opens up and you'll see a section that says "Open With". If you click on the bar, it will show you all the programs on your system that can open your mp3. Choose the one you want. Then click "Change All". All your mp3's will open with that program.



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