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Auto Compensated Delay Offset?


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From page 304 of the latest Logic Pro 9 Manual (9.0.1):


Delay>AutoCompensatedDelayOffset: This is the same as the Delay > Delay in

Milliseconds setting, except that the current plug-in latency compensation plus the

audio hardware output delay is added to the MIDI data transmission. This setting is

ideal when the outputs of classic MIDI sound sources are mixed with Logic Pro’s outputs

using an external mixing desk. Using the Auto Compensated Delay Offset setting makes

sure that audio from Logic Pro and audio from the MIDI-controlled external hardware

appears on the external mixing desk at the same time. When this setting is chosen, the

parameter label changes from “Delay” to “Auto Delay.”


That's actually VERY cool...especially if it really works. I hadn't noticed that feature yet.


In Days Of Old, Logic's PDC didn't affect external MIDI stuff and the MIDI would always be early. Looks like Logic is now doing what we used to have to do "by hand".


I'm not sure why it's not working for you.


Maybe put your set up in your signature and give a little more detail about exactly what you're trying to do.

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Thanks for the reply redlogic. I had done few searches for this in the manual, before posting, but came up with nothing ... guess I'd better work on my search chops.


Based on your post, I'm guessing that it's greyed out because I don't have PDC set to All. I'll report back once I get a chance to take a look at it.


Like you say, this will be very cool if it works!



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Interesting new feature indeed. Although it would only work "completely" with audio interfaces that can report their output delay to Logic, correct? I'll have to get on to my update to Leopard and LP9 soon. I've been procrastinating. :wink:


If I understand correctly, this would take the maximum Aux and Output channel delay value that is reported to the PDC, add to that the interface output delay, and the sum is how much that MIDI track is delayed. I wonder if it reports that value once you've selected that option.

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Ok, I think I've got this sorted out now. As I thought, this option is only available (and relevant) if you have PDC set to All.


With Auto Compensated Delay Offset set, the PDC delay is added to any delay you have set (in either ticks or ms) for the instrument.


The important thing about this parameter is that it is to be used only when you are NOT returning your external MIDI's audio outputs to Logic's mixer. (As, when you return external MIDI to Logic's mixer, PDC is taken care of at the input stage). For anyone not returning their external MIDI into Logic, this is a great feature!


Another thing I like about the Instrument Delay parameter in L9, is that it can now be set in ms, and unlike the Region Delay parameter, the ticks and ms settings are entirely independent (i.e. the ms offset remains constant when you change tempo).



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