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Logic 9 Score without MIDI - for lyric/chords sheets?


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Hi there, I'd like to use the score editor in Logic Pro 9 to create chord and lyric sheets but fear I'm barking up the wrong tree:


From what the manual says scoring requires MIDI data. That makes perfect sense. I've read about the chord library and inserting lyrics and it strikes me that all the features exist to create a lyric sheet with chords over the top.


However, am I right in saying that whilst it appears that Logic could do what I've described, it isn't actually wired to do so. We can only score MIDI data and add chord boxes, guitar tab and lyrics to that notation?


I've looked into the audio to score factory function but don't expect it to work with rhythm guitar parts recorded as audio - or are my expectations set too low maybe?


Maybe there's a workflow that allows you to create an empty score part (with no MIDI data) and from there chords boxes and lyrics can be added. If so, I've not found it!


Thanks in advance,


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Yes, the score editor takes MIDI data (a melody line you played in, for example) and expresses that as notation. On top of that, you can add lyrics, chord symbols, dynamic markings, etc. to the score. But let's say you didn't play in your melody line. You could still create a score display by creating a blank region (using the pencil tool, for example) and stretch it out to the length of your song. Then open the score editor and pencil in or step-enter the notes. That will create MIDI data for the notes. Then, add lyrics (lyrics need to be attached to notes).


So yes, you can create a score display without having any MIDI data, but for the purpose of entering lyrics you need notes to attach the lyrics too.

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Hi ski, yes by 'scoring' I meant simply using the score editor itself, be that for notation (scoring in the most obvious sense of the word) or be that for lyrics and chords only, as you might find in a book of music for guitar.


Anyhow, thanks for confirming what I already suspected, I'll put the melody line in as MIDI and furnish that with chord symbols et al.


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