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Can you Loop in MainStage?


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Can anyone show how to for example play a bassline or keyboard line and have it loop while having a beat going? i want to do this on the fly live while i play guitar. any suggestions?


Should be easy if you have the new Logic Studio and are using MainStage 2. There's a new plug-in called Playback. You can drag in an Apple Loop (or several) and even control transports. There are several thousand bass and keyboard Apple Loops in the Logic loop browser.

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I think you want to read up on the new Loopback plug-in:

The Loopback plug-in lets you record virtual “tape loops,” play them back repeatedly, and overdub new recordings while previous ones continue playing. You can use the Loopback plug-in to create simple loops, recurring motifs, or complex, evolving textures.



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