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Logic 9.01 - Non Factory EXS samples not loading


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Updgraded from 8 to 9 then update to 9.01. When trying to open up my custom EXS samples, I get the sample not found warning.


I have tried deleting all the Instruments, and recopying them from an external drive.


I've read various posts on this, but have not found a fix yet...does anyone have a final answer?

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I have the same problem. The only solution that has worked for me is to load each sample into the exs24 of Logic 8 first. For some reason doing this points the sampler in Logic 9 in the right direction and the samples load. Unfortunately I've had to do it for every single sample. It appears that you can't teach the exs24 in Logic 9 to fish.


I'm on a G5 and when I called Apple support for help I was rudely told that they would not help in any way because I was not using a supported machine. Mac since 1993, Logic since 2.0 . Have a nice day.


Cheers, Doug

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Hi people,


Did anyone tried to use the alias method so EXS would locate the sample libraries from the external hard drives?

Make an alias of the original sample library folder and place it to :


user/library/application support/logic/sampler instruments


when all the aliases of sample libraries are located there EXS will include them in its samples menu...autoload them

i use this method many years and i never had problems


Hope it will help



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Unfortunately the problem happens regardless of where the instruments are stored. I normally use and prefer the method your referring to, but since the samples have quit loading, I've switched back to the normal method just to isolate the issue.

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