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Newbies to Logic, Mac, Minimal requirements

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Hi All,


Im a real newbie to Logic, as I dont own it yet but planning on buying it soon.

My current studio is hardware based, I got an external mixer, FX, samplers, compression etc..

Sequencing is done on a PC running Cubase 4, currently we dont use a lot of audio tracks. Somemthimes just some simple things as vocal tracks.

We mainly produce house/dance music. In our current hardware setup our tracks contain 15 to 25 midi tracks.


Our wish is to switch to a fully "in the box" setup and we decided to go for a MAC with Logic. Probably we will extend this setup with some additional plugins and virtual instruments.


I got a couple of questions and I hope to get some good advise.


What kind of MAC will do the job, We were looking at the (2009 model) MAC Pro wich (according to the apple website) comes in 2 base models. Will the cheapest model (quad core, 3GB one) will be able to do the job or is the best one recommended.


What kind of audio interface will be worth looking at, So far we have been advised to go for a Motu or Apogee Ensemble card with fireware interface.


Hope to get some advise, been making music a while but the PC has mainly been used for midi sequencing only. please let me know if more info is required,


Thanks in advance,



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