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Tracking Reason into Logic?


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Hey all.


just wondering if anyone knows how to put a reason beat into Logic


i have reason 4.0 logic 8


i have a whole beat made in reason but i want to use my ASR 10 through logic.


i already know how to use the aux channel to create sound in logic.

just trying to transfer all the midi data and instruments into Logic itself.


i know a crappy alternative way of doing this... by just recording an audio file of the track. but i want to be able to take advantage of all the editing options for midi information and effects etc... that Logic has to offer.



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I would imagine it's got to be something easy - look around in the menus (typically File > Export... or something like that) or search the Reason manual.


In Logic, drag and drop your MIDI file to an external MIDI track, and with that track selected, in the Library, choose Reason, then choose the instrument you want from the column on the right.

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found out how to do it...


so for those that might run into the same problem.


Run Logic then Reason - for rewire mode


Export midi file from REason- save it.

Import from Logic the saved reason midi file


Send All instruments in reason to main mixer up top individually

open up aux channel in Logic for each one in Stereo.


Create External Midi Instruments for each instrument used in logic

Go over into library and choose each instrument you use in the order you created in Reason. Then Drag the Midi Files from the imported files up to where you created the Reason External Instruments


Then it should work...


not the best explination but if you need help you can ask here.

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