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Exporting transients to other files or regions?


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So you load James brown's Funky Drummer Patch... Put the transients on, export them to little audio files and throw them on an exs24 and you've got a new sampler instrument


Instant Drum Kits. Instant Vocal Chops. Ease... idk its basicly what Propellerhead's Recycle does I just don't wanna keep buying software for one tiny little thing

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I still don't understand what you mean by "export the transients to another audio file": transients are supposed to show you were ... well.. transients are in one file. So what's the point of having an audio file showing you the transients of another file?


If you want to lift the groove of a John Bonham drum performance, that's easy: just click the Quantize menu and choose "Make Groove Template". If you want to create an EXS24 instrument, control click the file and choose Convert > Convert to New Sampler Track.


But I fail to see what this has to do with "exporting transients to another audio file"? :?

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Where is the option to convert to sampler file? cause that sounds like exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make breakbeat kits and program them to an EXS24 so I can just write break beat midi


and I ment Exporting the audio that the transients separate |boom|boom|chick|boom|boom|boom|chick| (does that make any sense LOL)


I just want all the booms and chicks in numbered audio files... obviously so I can put them on EXS instrument.


Sorry to be so confusing

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