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Importing tracks in 9.0.1 isn't working for me.


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Ok, what am I doing wrong? I want to add a bunch of objects (outputs) from a previous project instead of adding them all manually. I go to the browser and open a song that has those objects. When I select them, the Add button doesn't activate unless I check one of the boxes (such as Plug-ins). Then, when I click Add, what happens is only the name of one of the new objects replaces the name of Output 1-2. No other tracks are imported and the output of Output 1-2 remains Output 1-2 while the name changes to Output 31-32 (for example).




Select Outputs from song. Add is greyed out


Add is activated only when I check some boxes


No other outputs are added. Only the name of Output 1-2 is changed

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Any ideas?


I found that if I add the output objects manually and save as a different project, then I can import those objects into my original project.


Strange, but I don't know what the problem could be in this situation.

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