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Problems removing drumbeat by inverting phase

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So I'm a Logic noob with a passion to remix songs once in a while. I've been trying to remix "Hard to Explain" by the Strokes. If you've ever heard the song, it opens with a solo of the drum beat. I tried to invert the phase of this drum beat, which I looped, so I could lay my own beat down to remix this song. I've tried making the drum track into separate left and right tracks, inverting the left track, and it doesn't seem to work or want to cancel the beat. What am I doing wrong? If someone could help me through this I'd really appreciate it.



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Don't know the song, but it seems you're in for some hours of sample-nudging...


Why would you want to invert the left side ? You say you got the loop soloed in the intro, so invert both sides as is. Now, the tedious thing will be to align this one bar beneath each bar that follows in the song.


The song might have been recorded on analog tape, and even if not, you're not gonna get by with just clicking Loop. There's no way to avoid drift and canceling will not work.


So it seems you have to convert your Looped Region to Real Regions and align each single one of them with sample accuracy.


And even then, if there was some mix bus compression during mixing or during mastering, or EQing going on, it will not work, as levels will change as a whole or even in separate frequency ranges.


Good luck.



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Inverting phase will only cancel if you sum them. Having one signal on the right and its inversion on the left doesn't sum them. You have to make the final result mono. That's quite a compromise!


Another thing is, chances are the solo drums don't sound exactly the same as in the rest of the song. That means that summing the drums from the rest of the song with the phase inverted solo-ed drums will not result in silence, but in the difference in sound between the two beats. That difference could be ... just about as loud as the drums in the rest of the song, or louder.


You can experiment with adjusting levels, phase, etc... but honestly I don't think you'll get really far.


A better approach would be to use EQ to try to minimize the sound of the beat in the song, and simply layer your own beat.


Best of luck!

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