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Events list: Making all notes same pitch [SOLVED]


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Hi ,


Im trying to remember the way to get all the midi notes the same in the event list.


Im replacing drums, and after doing the kik drum with audio to score function ,In the events list I have changed the first kik to note C0 and I want the rest to change as well without having to do it manually.


I know there is a way I have done it before but I just cant remember it.


Anyone help me please.



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thanks Yamaha drums.


However there is another method.In which you just apply a simple key command.


In the photo attached I want all the 'Num' to be C() like the top one.


I can select them all then there is that one last Key command that I just cant remember.


Any ideas?


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The transpose commands in the event list are Event transpose +1 (-1) are Opt+Up Arrow and Opt+Down arrow. For +12 (-12) are Ctrl+Opt+Up arrow and Ctrl+Opt+Down arrow. Whit all notes selected in the event list you can hold this commands until all of the notes became equal. I don't know for direct command, which will transpose them directly, because at least you must choose to what note you want to transpose them.


Shift+V works, but you have to select one note containing the desired signature.

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Solved. You dont select all ,the command is 'shift V' that changes all midi numbers/notes to the top one.


BMy brain just defrosted!


Weid - Shift-V doesn't do that on mine - it gives all the notes the same velocity.


What I do is select all the notes, adjust one of them while holding Shift-Option, and they all jump to the value I'm adjusting to.

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