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Synchro between 2 Logic Pro...

Silver Pillow

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Here is the problem :


2 machines :

- The first one : Apple G5 bi-pro + audio card

- The second one : Apple MacPro + audio card


The Mac Pro is the MASTER and the G5 is the slave. I've synchronized the machines with a MTC/MIDI Beat Clock connexion. It works normally.


But, I would like to record the tracks from the G5 on the Mac Pro, via optical connexion ADAT.

What is the way to set up the softwares?


I could simply use the ins/outs of the soudn cards, but I would like to use the optical connexion...

I tried to find the solution in Logic User Help, but nothing is written about this configuration...


Do you have an idea?...


Thanks by advance!

A :?

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